new music: showbizheroes.

Showbizheroes are a four piece band from Essex who are breaking the stereotype of that county by spending their time creating indie pop songs in a greenhouse. Yes seriously, the band recorded their forthcoming debut album in a greenhouse, recording guitar riffs and vocals in an atmosphere made for that of growing plants [and growing plants there was] must have been a completely different and new experience.

Single ’21’ has been given some brilliant reviews so far and it’s not surprising as the song is pretty good. A gentle build up into a chorus full of fast guitars and prominent drums. A middle eight breakdown of guitar and almost nothing else takes the song from an indie/rock chorus to almost silence in a matter of seconds. Tempo changes from the immediate to the slow can all be found on here and it is just another way for the band to mess around with the sound they are creating to create something new.

The band’s first album titled ‘Tales From Behind The Curtain’ is set to be released on 3rd June and after good reviews of early singles and plenty of support for the band it seems this album will be met with some anticipation to see just exactly what the band have produced in their recording sessions.

Being a band that focus more on the music they produce rather than the style they convey sees the quartet messing about with music through the use of melody and an old Compaq Desk Pro. All these things have produced an album of songs that are full of catchy guitar riffs and an ability to show how the band can go from downtempo pieces to big moments.

The debut is set to be released in stores but will also be available through the band’s website at a discounted price to everyone who registers to the band’s mailing list before 3rd June and by registering you will also receive half of the album for free.

If you want to find out more about the band, sign up to their mailing list or view their live dates visit their website, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter – @showbizheroes

Here is the video for their single ‘Climb To Fall’:

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