saturday mash up #14

Shirt from Topshop. Skirt from Primark. Cardigan from H&M. Bag from TK Maxx.

Sorry that I photograph absolutely terribly and hello to my cat Sky who clearly decided to photobomb this picture. I wore this outfit to go and raid the 3 for 2 at Boots the other day. I got some amazing offers and I ended up saving myself nearly £12 in offers. I took their advertising campaign of try something new to heart with getting a few new bits and pieces that I’ve never tried before to see if they make a difference to my look. After years of the same routine and using the same brands and it is spring after all now so I thought it is time to try something new for a new season. Have you got any good bargains in the Boots 3for2?

Crop Vest and Skirt from Primark. Vintage St Michel Shirt.

Dress – Tokyo Doll at New Look. Necklace from Rome.

Last night I went out for my birthday meal with my friends from school. It was a really good night, just a meal, lots of alcohol and plenty of chatting. We definitely don’t see each other as much as we should because of work and uni and all other life things that happen when you reach your 20’s but it is always great when we do manage to get together for birthdays or just any random occasion we can get. I bought the dress I wore [above] in November when I went to Leeds, I saw it in New Look and instantly fell in love with how pretty it was, lace and a beaded Peter Pan collar is just too perfect, all for only £25 as well, complete bargain! I’d not had chance to wear it until last night but I love it, it’s so comfy and with it being an A Line dress it’s perfect for if you have eaten a little bit too much. My local New Look doesn’t stock many of the other brands that New Look sell so I’d have to go a bit further a field or online for another Tokyo Doll dress but I would definitely buy from that brand again because they are amazing, such lovely dresses for such an affordable price.

For my birthday I went to Leeds with mum and we went shopping, I guess being 22 now I’m not so bothered about my birthday and for me nothing will top spending my 21st in Rome last year. I was a little bit disappointed with the shops in all honesty, there really wasn’t a lot I actually wanted to buy and most of what I did want to buy was either way too expensive or they were out of stock of my size. I did manage to find a few good pieces though and here’s what I bought:

Sparkle and Fade Jumper. Urban Outfitters. £18 [sale].

I love Urban Outfitters, their stuff is always amazing but it’s mainly too expensive for me to justify spending that much money on something so I only ever really buy stuff from their sales. This was in the sale as well, not to break tradition, I love the colour and the speckling effect looks really cool and makes it look that little bit different to just an orange jumper.

Blue Pumps. Primark. £4.

£4 for a pair of pumps, you can not complain with that. I’m pretty sure I used to have a pair like this in primary school in black and I’ve been looking for a relatively cheap pair of pumps for such a long time. I’m a bit hit and miss with Primark shoes but these fit perfectly and are really comfortable.

Acid Wash Crop Vest. Primark. £5.

I think this would look really cool either underneath a sheer shirt or with a high waisted skirt/shorts. The acid wash effect is something I really love and it does come in other colours but I thought I’d stick with the more subtle grey with this one. A nice practical purchase.

Stripe Tie Shirt. Primark. £8.

I have been looking for a shirt like this for ages, I love orange and you may notice it is a running colour theme with most of the things I bought. I love this style shirt and it’s a nice cotton material so will be perfect for Spring/Summer.

Printed Skirt. Primark. £9.

I love the design of this skirt so much, it’s so bright and I know this will become a staple feature of my wardrobe. The material is polyester but it doesn’t look like polyester because of the texture of it, my mum says it reminds her of a fabric that was used a lot in the 60’s/70’s. Either way I love the colour and pattern of it.

This week I’ve mainly been listening to James Blake’s wonderful new album ‘Overgrown’, I absolutely love this album so much. I really think it is a massive contender for album of the year. Here is the absolutely beautiful album closer ‘Our Love Comes Back’, a slow piano ballad with some really calming sounds running throughout, the perfect way to end the album.

Also, I heard the new Miles Kane song yesterday and it is brilliant. Again it’s catchy and takes massive influences from music of the past, with influences again from the 60’s and 70’s. Some dirty bass and melodic foot tapping guitar riff, it’s an instant classic and a song that shows the return of Miles Kane with his second album this year will be a mighty successful one.

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