So there has been a lot of talk online about GFC apparently closing down soon and therefore all blog followers will be lost on our blogger pages. I’m not really sure what is happening with it all really but the news [whether it is true or not] has finally kicked me into claiming my blog over on Bloglovin’ so if GFC does close down and you want to carry on following my blog and getting updates when I have posted then please go and follow me on there and even if GFC doesn’t close down you can of course still follow me on there as well. Either way I hope you all carry on reading my blog and a massive thank you from me for reading, following and commenting on this blog in the first place, it means a lot to me. 🙂

Follow on Bloglovin

Also, links for all my other profiles are to your left under the ‘My Sites’ header in case you are wanting to follow me on any of those as well.

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