Live Review: Foals at Leeds MET Student Union, 9th March 2013.

Leeds MET Student Union
9th March 2013

After releasing a brilliant 3rd album last month charting at number 2, this ‘Holy Fire’ UK tour has been greeted with even more excitement and anticipation than usual from a band that always put on such a good live show. The lights go down and the intro music plays triggering strobe lighting, building up the crowd before the band walk on and kick straight into ‘Olympic Airways’. From that moment everyone in the room is singing and dancing along to every single song in tonight’s set. ‘Miami’ and ‘My Number’ are two of the Oxford quintet’s most danceable tracks and give everyone in attendance the opportunity to get themselves moving along to the beat.

The setlist is made up of a good mix of brand new songs and older classics from previous 2 albums ‘Antidotes’ and ‘Total Life Forever’. Songs from ‘Holy Fire’ such as ‘Milk & Black Spiders’, ‘Late Night’ and ‘Providence’ are welcomed with cheers and sing a longs so loud clearly showing that the album has become so well loved and well known by fans already. In the live arena the band really get the chance to show just how talented they are with drummer Jack Bevan’s frantic and quick drumming and the fast and spiky guitar sounds from both guitarist Jimmy Smith and guitarist/lead singer Yannis Philippakis. This is all mixed with plenty of energy and Philippakis’ insistence on climbing amps and rigging to create a show which is as exciting to watch as it is to listen to. Slowing the tempo down towards the end of the set with fan favourite ‘Spanish Sahara’ and the wonderful ‘Moon’ both create a beautiful moment of calm. The rest of the encore is the polar opposite of ‘Moon’ with the full on, guitar riff laden ‘Inhaler’ and live classic for Foals now, ‘Two Steps, Twice’. Both songs give the crowd one last chance to lose themselves in the music with dancing and mosh pits happening all over the place. Ending on a complete high note, the band leave the stage after an excellent performance and yet again proving that they are one of the best live bands in the UK.

2 thoughts on “Live Review: Foals at Leeds MET Student Union, 9th March 2013.

  1. Yeah, it was a brilliant set.Tickets for their shows are selling out so fast at the moment too, it's understandable though with how good they are.


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