saturday mash up #7

Hello from a very snowy Sheffield! The snow has been here all week and really bad last night. I’ve barely ventured out of the house all week which has been productive in getting things done but I really think I’m starting to get some sort of cabin fever. Hoping that the snow disappears a bit as I have some plans for next week.

Being snowed in your house does give you a brilliant opportunity to catch up on reading and watching TV. These were my magazine purchases on Thursday, a brilliant cover story in Kerrang! this week with Biffy Clyro and their struggles with mental health and alcohol, definitely worth a read. A lot of Bowie stuff and a look at some albums to be released over this year in NME and a look at 2013’s bands in Q.

As usual with Company magazine they always feature a load of the amazing new stuff out there which ends up giving me a massive wishlist of things I want. Here’s two of my favourite jumpers that were featured and an amazing outfit for dungarees, I really think I’m going to be buying myself a paid of dungarees this year and relive my childhood days. It’s a Girls and NY special for the magazine this month, which is definitely making me want to go back to NY as soon as possible and I really need to get watching Girls, I feel like I’m definitely missing out on some amazing TV here. Do any of you watch Girls? Is it a must watch?

Plus, some lovely goodies arrived for me this morning from Company as I won one of their competitions they have running every week with their Weekly Edit where you can win the stuff they have been sent, expect a blog about it soon.

fiona necklace / faida shoes / sertab blazer / trissa blouse / claire bag / jane hat / addison leggings / all from monki

Sitting around this week has finally got me around to doing something I’ve been meaning to try my hand out at for a while. An outfit collage, I know a lot of bloggers use these a lot and they are quite good ideas so I thought I’d give it a go. All these items are from Monki, ever since I heard about them last year I’ve been browsing their website on a regular basis finding loads of stuff I love. In many ways, it’s quite basic and stylish pieces with statement items added into the collection. It’s on the price range of Topshop so it’s not too out of reach but not the place to go to if you are looking for cheap. I made this collage mainly because I love the shirt a hell of a lot so I thought I’d see if I could find a whole outfit out of stuff on their website and this is it, I would definitely wear this in the day or even for a night out. Let me know what you think.

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