my 2012.

2012 really has been the year of massive highs and terrible lows for me, it’s been more of a rollercoaster than usual. There has been many amazing things happen like travelling, meeting loads of wonderful new people, finishing another chapter in my life [university] and getting a little [well not so little] cat shaped bundle of joy in the form of my cat sky which we adopted in May. In terms of downs, family problems, illnesses, not being able to trust people I thought I could resulting in my trust issues with people being at an all time high and the death of the most wonderful man I have ever known, my Grandad. That was the thing that hit me the hardest this year, I know I’ll never fully get over it, I miss him terribly, there is a massive hole in my life now where my Grandad should be.

Some of my highlights of 2012:


In March for my friend’s 21st birthday, we went to Edinburgh. We had a really nice weekend there, going to the zoo was pretty amazing as it was the first time I’d ever been to a zoo. The city itself is absolutely beautiful, the architecture is wonderful and I really did just love everything about the place. It was an amazing weekend and I liked the place so much me and my mum have booked a few days away for spring in Edinburgh so I can take her there and show her the beautiful city and I can explore some more.

My 21st Birthday

I turned 21 this year, I’m officially an adult now, it’s still all a bit weird. My actual birthday I spent in Rome with my parents which was honestly a birthday I know I will never forget and I absolutely loved Rome. To say we were only there for 3 days we saw pretty much everything in the city and I went out for the most expensive and amazing meal I have ever eaten in my life. Coming back and having a night out with some of my friends the weekend after was also a pretty good night too. I definitely had one of the best birthdays ever this year.


I finished university this year, 3 years of hard work and I’m now a qualified journalist. I didn’t necessarily have the best time at university but I made some good friends. My graduation ceremony was terrifying but I guess it could have been worse. In a way I’m glad I’m not there anymore as it wasn’t the experience I expected but I do have a sense of accomplishment of sticking with it and leaving with a degree.

New York

As soon as I got back from Rome, me and my friend booked New York. We’d finished university and off we went to one of the greatest cities on Earth. I had the best time while I was there. There was some moments of absolute terror, getting lost of the New York subway for well over an hour when it was sweltering was horrific, also word of warning if your feet ever swell up from the heat do not take your shoes off to walk around the subways even for 2 minutes because you will end up with black filth covered feet. But mainly it was brilliant, seeing the sights, shopping and Warped Tour! In a way I do still want to live there, it’s the ultimate dream living in New York as a journalist but having been there and seeing just how busy life is maybe I’d just live there for a couple of years not forever. Either way I still love New York and I want to go back there, preferably to live there for a while but if not a holiday will do.


I finally took the plunge and travelled around Europe this year. It was the most terrifying and wonderful experience of my entire life. I’ll probably never get to do anything like that again and I thought if I don’t do it now I never will, after all my fretting and worrying that this was a stupid idea even though I’d already booked it I went and had a brilliant time. I saw amazing cities, beautiful architecture, different cultures, met some amazing people but most of all it helped my confidence a hell of a lot. I got to visit some of the best cities in the world and if I could go back and do it all again right now I would. It’s tough at times but ultimately when it really comes down to it, it’s a brilliant experience and anything bad that does happen is just a learning curve that usually ends up turning out ok in the end anyway.






There are loads of other trips I haven’t written about as well like Blackpool and Bridlington in summer, Leeds for my friend’s birthday, spending the majority of my year on trains has actually been one of the best things because when I finish my journey I’m either in some amazing place or I’m home and both are brilliant but for different reasons. Here’s to 2012 my year of travelling a hell of a lot.


Another year gone and my love for music as always takes over my life. The Maccabees released one of my favourite albums in the world this year, that album has really helped me a lot through things this year. I discovered more new artists than I usually do this year, my love for dance music has become a more prevalent feature in my music collection than it ever has been before. I’ve been to some amazing shows this year too – Foals in Sheffield was a massive highlight for me, finally seeing The Maccabees, meeting Panic! At The Disco before their show in January, seeing Bastille twice and utterly losing it at their Leeds Festival set because they were just so amazing and I was front row too, being front row for Alt-J’s brilliant set at Leeds Fest, seeing The Cure, being front row for Citizens! at Leeds Fest and the band staring at me as I was singing along pretty much word perfect to their songs, seeing Friendly Fires at their Olympic Torch Relay Show and it being just a perfect moment in my life. There has been a lot more as well but I can’t list everything, as usual music always has been and always will be one of the main things in my life, it’s one of the only things I get excited about and seeing a band live to me is a pretty magical experience. This blog helps me to write about the music I love and share it with others whether you care or not that’s what I’m trying to do and want to do with the rest of my life, one day I hope to be working for a music magazine [I’m looking at you Clash magazine] but until then I have this blog and the wonderful resource of the internet and a myriad of bands and artists making excellent music for me to listen to, write about and share.

Carrying on a bit from that paragraph, this blog as I’ve mentioned above does mean a lot to me. My writing is ridiculously important to me and it’s all I want to do. So thank you to every single one of you that reads/follows/comments on this blog, the fact that you pay attention to my writing is quite astounding to me, I may not have the biggest readership or followers but that doesn’t matter I write this blog because I want to and I love to not for any other reason. So thank you again and Happy New Year, I hope 2013 is a brilliant, happy and successful year for you all.


I’ve never really liked the whole new year’s resolutions thing mainly because I’m not very good at it all. Although over the last couple of years I’ve set myself targets and I’ve stuck to them and it’s worked. I think I’ve finally realised that years ago I was setting myself tasks that were too huge and when your heart isn’t in it you are obviously going to fail. But with little targets or tasks as a resolution I’ve found it easier to stick to it. This year, I’ve gone for targets in terms of my weight which we all know I’ve struggled with in the past and little tasks that I can add into my life and I’m an adult now so I guess it’s time that in certain aspects I started acting like that so I’ve tried to reflect that in these. So this year’s new year’s resolutions:

– maintain my weight, exercise and healthy eating.
– write something every single day whether a blog post, review or diary entry.
– do whatever I can to get my dream job or a step on the media ladder.
– be happy and spend as much time as I can with family and friends.
– learn how to make pastry.
– try to establish some sort of skincare regime to use on a daily or frequent basis.

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