new music: swiss lips.

A couple of weeks ago I went to see Bastille in Birmingham and one of the their support acts was these guys who were really good. Discovering a new band is always amazing especially if they are something you like but discovering a new band that you like in a live setting to me seems so much better because you instantly make that decision whether they are good or not by how good their songs are in a live arena. Putting on an energetic show and with good songs to showcase they definitely went down well with the crowd that night.

Swiss Lips are a five piece band from Manchester, the band have not released an album yet but are signed to Epic Sony on a four album deal. Back in March the band became Radio 1’s introducing act getting their track played on air everyday for a whole week and they have been featured on Channel 4’s 4Play series. Having played a series of festivals throughout the summer and with a support slot with Bastille behind them it seems like this band are slowly but surely progressing further and further up the chain and becoming a more familiar name with more and more people.

The band have said that they take most of their inspiration from the Manchester music scene which as we all know is rich in talent of many genres. This probably explains why online they are described as a dance/electro/pop band bringing the best of all their influences to the fore to create their own songs. Musically, they are ridiculously catchy, I’d go as far as to say that they were nearly on the same level as Citizens! catchiness-wise, which if you are not aware is pretty darn catchy. NME have described the band’s sound as “think Foster The People with the stylish pop-perfection poise of Franz”.

Their latest single ‘In The Water’ is reminiscent of the electro of the 80’s with a rhythm that will make you dance along to it. With songs as strong as this it is only a matter of time before their debut drops which should propel the band further into people’s conciousness.

The band are currently holding a month long residency called The Union where at each party their will be bands playing and DJ’s etc. It’s all free and everyone is welcome, tonight’s residency has the band themselves and Bastille playing and a DJ Set from The Horrors. Also, this month the band will be supporting Ladyhawke on her UK tour dates so if you are going to those get down early to check these boys out.

To find out more about the band, their residency or their tour dates then head to their website or their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

Here’s the video for the latest single ‘In The Water’:


Picture of Swiss Lips

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