Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Updates.

I still feel like I am on catch up with everything at the moment, life and this blog included so while I try and get back to reality/normality again here’s a post featuring some of the new items I have bought recently. My winter wardrobe, infact my whole wardrobe, was in need of some new items and basically Topshop’s sale become the answer the all my wardrobe dilemmas.

Also, I read an article in Company magazine last week about the trouble of trying to find the perfect pair of jeans on the high street. After trying every single pair of jeans I owned on I decided to get rid of them all bar one pair and start again from stratch the find some that actually fitted me properly, jean shopping really is the worst of tasks but finding the perfect pair of jeans at the end of a long day of shopping really is the best feeling in the world in my opinion.

Anyway, here are the new wardrobe additions:

Mustard Boots, £15 from Office.

Orange Boots, £15 from Office.

I’m going to try and not act all smug about these purchases but honestly over a month after I bought them I am still pretty proud of myself for getting 2 pairs of boots for £30. I bought these the day before I went on my trip and I was only going to buy the mustard pair as they were advertised at £30 [sale price] but the shop assistant told me that for that day it was half price off all the sale prices so with £15 extra in my pocket I decided to blow it straight away on the orange boots, a good decision I think. That was definitely a case of right place, right time and I have two pretty amazing pairs of boots to take me through the winter.

And now here is how Topshop’s sale ruined my bank account:

Dress, £18.

Red Jeggings, £10.

Patterned Skinny Fit Trousers, £20.

Printed Leggings, £10.

Moto Jeans, £20.

You know what is the greatest moment of my life, well one of them anyway, it was the moment I bought a pair of jeans from Topshop and they actually fit perfectly. This has NEVER happened before, as you know if you have been reading this blog for a long time I’ve lost a lot of weight over the past couple of years. About 2 years I pretty much avoided Topshop for everything especially jeans as there was no chance that I would fit in them and now I can buy some good, decent fitting jeans in the sale as well and I feel pretty proud of myself. That probably seems pretty sad to some people but I don’t know it put a massive smile on my face anyway.

Olive Jeans, £11 from Primark.

The quest for an amazing pair of jeans continued this week with me pretty much dedicating a whole day to finding a brilliant pair of jeans that weren’t at the expense of places like Topshop. I know that Primark has definitely extended it’s denim range recently with colours, patterns, different leg lengths etc. I once bought a pair of jeans from there a couple of years ago without previously trying them on and the fit was really bad. I tried a pair on instore yesterday [yeah I’ve definitely learnt to actually use the changing rooms when it comes to jean shopping] and the fit was perfect. I picked this pair up and now for the first time in my life I actually have 4 pairs of jeans that all fit like they should which is a major result. I definitely recommend Primark for their denim range at the moment though, good range of sizes, colours and the fit especially of the Super Skinny jeans which I bought it really good, the denim is not too heavy and it’s all at a very cheap price.

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