Europe Trip – Part 2.

The second half of my trip around Europe was spent in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark. I spent a lot of time travelling pretty much every day for the first of these two weeks which was pretty tiring and probably not the best way to really get the best experience in a city but I did manage to see a lot of stuff and a lot of Europe in a very short space of time.

Munich – 25th September

I was only in Munich for a day but I had a lot of fun while I was there. The hotel was stupidly expensive for what it was as Oktoberfest was on but I guess there is nothing I could do about that. I went to Oktoberfest in the evening for a couple of hours. It was a complete experience, it’s all a bit surreal going to a festival predominantly set up for you to get drunk. I didn’t drink anything as it was way too expensive at 9 euros for a litre of beer and all other drinks like wine and spirits not that much cheaper. I had a good time though but I definitely want to go to Oktoberfest again one year when I have more money so I can actually drink and get the full Oktoberfest experience.

Frankfurt – 26th September

I don’t really know why I went to Frankfurt, it was one of those decisions where I had 3 cities in Germany I wanted to go to but only 1 I could visit and I chose this one and really there isn’t that much there. It’s cheap and there are a few shops and I went to a nice pizza bar for food but really it was the least favourite of the cities I visited as there wasn’t much there to see.

Brussels – 27th and 28th September

I got to Brussels pretty late on and by the time I got there after a bad day in Frankfurt and long train journey I felt very homesick that night. It was probably the worst I got homesick of the whole trip and it sounds so ungrateful that I was on this amazing trip wishing that I was at home instead and it probably was but I soon snapped out of it and spent the morning before my train to Amsterdam doing some speed sight-seeing which is basically me walking around the entire city in just over 2 hours taking photos of all the nice buildings whether I know what they are or not. I want to go back to Brussels for sure as I definitely did not spend enough time there and I want to find out more about these buildings I have pictures of.

Amsterdam – 28th September to 2nd October

4 nights in Amsterdam so I decided to treat myself to an actual hotel with a comfy bed and my own bathroom, complete luxury. I love Amsterdam, there is so much to see and it is such a beautiful city. The houses are so quirky and cute if you just forget that they are slowly sinking. I went on the walking tour which was free and a great way to find out about the city, it took 3 hours but it was really good. The tour company is called New Amsterdam Tours [they have loads of these tours in other cities across Europe now too so google them to find out where they are] and I would completely recommend you taking one of these tours if you are in Amsterdam or any of the other cities they operate in. I also went on the canal tour one day, it was 14 euros for an hour and a half tour and this is a good way to see even more of Amsterdam. 4 of the best days of my whole trip.

Berlin – 3rd to 5th October

I really liked Berlin there is also a lot to see there and the history of the place is an obvious draw for tourists. The first day I was there it was a Wednesday and it was randomly a public holiday in the city. I went on one of those hop on hop off bus tours that are in literally every major city in Europe. I went to the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Gate etc and I stumbled across a festival in the town centre, afternoon drinking in Germany it would have been rude not to partake in that. The Holocaust Memorial was very eerie, I walked through the whole thing and when you are in the middle surrounded by these massive concrete towers you can’t hear any outside noises, it is so quiet even though it is surrounded by busy streets. The Berlin Wall was the place where the terribleness [sorry for my poor grammar] of the war kind of hits you and it is a completely emotional place. The second day I went to the markets and looked around some of the cool vintage and record stores that there are in the city, a really good city for cool shops as well as history.

Hamburg – 5th to 7th October

Bar the ridiculous amount of rain, Hamburg was nice what I saw of it. It is definitely good for shopping and there are plenty of cheap bars and restaurants there. The cheapness of Germany was a really good thing for me and my budget as I actually got to treat myself a little bit to more than one drink a night which is nice towards the end of your trip.

Copenhagen – 7th to 9th October

My train from Hamburg to Copenhagen went on a boat which was pretty cool but I feel like I would have enjoyed it more had I not felt like I was going to be sick before getting on the roughest ferry crossing I have ever endured, even me and my ‘I’m fine on boats’ attitude went out of the window that day. Copenhagen was beautiful though, I love Denmark a lot. It was a 20 minute walk from my hostel to the train centre but it was nice to walk and plenty of nice scenery around. I went on one of those free walking tours again which was really good and informative. I went to Christiania which is basically a hippy community that has just set up in the middle of Copenhagen and believes it is not in the EU and does not pay taxes, all completely odd when you come from a country like the UK as if that happened here we all know it would be shut down at some point. I walked to 6 and a half hours that day, I was tired but I saw so much. That night me and a load of people from my hostel went on a night out as it was my last night on my Europe trip, it was a really good night. There was a really cool vegetarian restaurant near our hostel which served the nicest food and massive portions for really cheap prices. It was some of the best food I ate all of my trip and I wish there was more places like that everywhere in Europe so I wouldn’t have spent a month just eating bread, pizza and bread covered in heaps of cheese. Copenhagen is a really cool city and I really enjoyed my time there, one of my new favourite cities.

I flew home on the 9th and I had the best time on my trip. Like I said I met some amazing people, saw some beautiful things and cities and it was just a brilliant month. It was a brilliant experience and something that I really would love to do again at some point. One of the best months I have ever had, I am so glad that I actually did this and went to explore some of Europe.

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