hey england, i’m home.

I landed back in the UK last night after my month long trip around Europe, I had the best time, it was completely amazing! I met awesome people, saw beautiful cities and just had so much fun! I am so glad that I went away and did this, after all the nervousness I got over it and experienced one of the most amazing things I ever could.

Over the next week or so I’ll blog more about it all and share some pictures from my trip on here. Until then this blog is up and running again. I have some posts lined up from before my trip as well as some brand new ideas. I’m determined to make this blog even better and it’s come such a long way recently hopefully I can make it go even further. So again, if any music and/or fashion PR’s or record labels or whatever want to get in touch with me to write a post about something for them then just send me an email at lottie7785@gmail.com.

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