pre-holiday catch-up.

This past week or so has been so busy it’s been ridiculous. I’ve spent the majority of my time getting ready for New York! Only a two more days until I will be there now, I am so excited! From Wednesday, I’ve been getting everything ready, packing, buying last minute bits and getting my dollars. I’ve been ill all week so it’s been a slightly more difficult task but nothing is stopping my enthusiasm for going there.

While I was in town buying stuff and exchanging money on Thursday I was in boots for last minute essentials. They’ve got 3 for 2 on holiday stuff at the moment but unfortunately I couldn’t make the most of it with only buying 1 thing from what was on offer and I didn’t have enough money to buy things I didn’t need. Anyway, I bought something new to try out for my hair while I was there, Charles Worthington’s Front Row Rough and Tousled Salt Spray.

I’ve been meaning to try out sea salt spray for a long time and after reading an article in Company this week, this was one it recommended. It was £6.29 which is a lot just to test out [there was a smaller version as well though] but luckily it is brilliant. I tried it the other day and my hair looked really good with minimal effort. I have a natural kink to my hair which means I either stick it up or straighten it to death to get rid of it and I’m one of those people that can hardly ever be bothered to make an effort with my hair as well. I just sprayed this in my hair, avoiding the roots, rough dried and just left it, nice and wavy, no kinks. I’m really impressed with the results, I’m taking it to New York and it will be brilliant for festivals after washing my hair and just leaving it without worrying. There are more expensive salt sprays but this is really amazing and quite cheap, a complete winner in my books.

Last weekend as well I went to Friendly Fires which was brilliant. I had such a good day and they played a completely amazing set. I’ve always said that they are so good live after seeing them twice before last weekend but they really put on such an excellent show that day. If you want to read my review and see pictures, then here’s the link.

Also, this week a very exciting email landed in my inbox from a record label called I Am Mighty Records asking me to review one of their bands albums for them. I stuck the review up on here the other day. I was sent the album and press stuff and I got on reviewing it. It was for a band called Kyoto Drive and honestly I was really impressed with their album, it’s so good. I was pretty happy with being asked to review an album for on here though, I guess it shows that this blog is really getting out there to people now then which is nice for me as I’ve spent a lot of time on this and I love writing a lot. And if anyone else does want to get in contact with me about reviews etc, then just go to my Contacts page [at the top] and email me.

Also, on Sunday I arrived back home from a night in Blackpool to an amazing package. My copy of Foals Tapes had arrived, I ordered the CD and the tape from RoughTrade. I’m so excited to listen to it, my plan is to listen to it on the plane to New York as I probably won’t have time before then. The artwork is so brilliant though I love it. For people that don’t know much about this, it’s a mixtape put together by Edwin Congreave from Foals where he has basically taken records from each band member’s collection to put this together. There have been to other Tapes releases by other bands as well but I love Foals a lot so this was what made me buy this and I’m sure it will be really good and open me eyes to some music and artists that I should have been listening to but hadn’t been. For a better explanation of the mixtape and links of where to buy it then go here.

And finally, my top 5 tracks of the week. This week, they are mainly holiday/America related tracks as I’ve been getting myself in the mood for going abroad to warmers climes.
1) Friendly Fires – Hawaiian Air.
2) Dizzee Rascal – Holiday.
3) Green Day – American Idiot.
4) Foals – Miami.
5) The Strokes – New York City Cops.

Also, Bastille put a new video online the other day for their new single ‘Bad Blood’. I really like the video and the song is just brilliant. I am so looking forward for an album from these hopefully very soon and seeing them at Leeds Festival.

So as I’m off to America in a couple of days this could be my last blog for a while. I might have time to put up a short litte catch up blog or two up here while I’m away but I’m not sure. If not I hope you all have a couple of good weeks. 🙂

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