back from rome.

Hello everyone,

I’m back from Rome and a ridiculously busy week ever since landing back in chilly England. I’ve already blogged about my holiday/birthday/presents but I thought I’d do a little catch up of the last week before I go back to uni for just 3 more weeks! A little bit mental how fast this last 3 years have gone in all honesty.

So I got back from Rome late on Monday and then on Tuesday me and my friend booked flights and hotels to New York, as you do. I’m majorly excited as long as the issue with the hotel gets sorted out then we’ll be there for 12 days in July. We’re actually stopping in New Jersey but it’s only a stones throw away from New York and it’s a lot cheaper than stopping in NY. I’m impressed with how cheap we got the holiday for as well in July I thought it would have been a lot more. Visas and travel insurance are all booked too, is it just me or does booking travel insurance and holidays seem really grown up? We’re also going to Warped Tour in New Jersey as well, which is like something ticked off the bucket list for me as I have always wanted to go. Also, sort of thinking about getting a tattoo while I’m out there, if anyone knows any good/reputable tattoo shops in NY that aren’t ridiculously expensive then let me know please.

On Thursday, I met up with some of my friends from school and sixth form as we went out for a meal for my friend who is leaving for France this week to work there for 6 months, lucky! It was really nice to see everyone again for a start as I’ve not seen most of my school friends in a while but it was also nice to give my friend a good send off before she goes away. A lot of us are going travelling and abroad for one reason or another this year so we are making sure we all see each other as much as possible before we go away. It’s weird that we are all off to different parts of the world and growing up/moving on again it seems very grown up of us all.

On Friday it was my birthday night out which was a very good night. We went to a few bars in town before heading down to Leadmill which is always a good night. I had fun which is the main thing and I’ve had a really good 21st overall spent with family and also my friends.

Dress and necklace from shop in Rome, belt from ebay.

Last night, I went to see Steps taking me back to my childhood days. It was a pretty good concert, I had fun and pulled some dance moves. It’s amazing how I remembered the dance routines so well as I’d not actually listened to Steps for years and years probably since after they split up. Definitely a good night out.

Finally, a little outfit picture from Rome which I’d forgotten to blog before.

Shirt from Primark, Shorts and Sandals from Tesco.
What I wore for my birthday meal when I was in Rome. Apologies for the not very brilliant picture and also my ridiculously pale legs.

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