This weekend, I went to Edinburgh for my friend Becky’s 21st birthday. It was an amazing weekend and I had an absolutely brilliant time. I’d never been to Edinburgh before so it was nice to go somewhere different and explore, plus it’s always nice to get away from Sheffield for a bit. As brilliant as Sheffield is, living here for 20 years means it’s a bit boring now. Anyway, Edinburgh is absolutely beautiful and I definitely want to go back, I could actually see myself living there.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Our posh upgraded room at the Mercure, a really nice hotel. It was so posh well for me anyway. I’d definitely go back to that hotel as it is really central to everything so it is a brilliant place to be in the city.

View from the hotel room.

The buildings are even more beautiful when lit up at night.


Some houses in the city centre, I want to live here. Looks like where Sherlock Holmes lives.

My very own square, thanks Edinburgh! 🙂

Cocktails in Hard Rock Cafe.

Breakfast at Whiski Rooms. Definitely the best vegetarian breakfast I have ever eaten! I would definitely go back here again to try some whiskey cocktails and some more of their vegetarian food.

These are all pictures from the zoo now, I finally went to a zoo at the age of 20 [late in my life I know]. It was lots of fun, it was built on a massive hill though which wasn’t fun but exercise and all that.

And I finally got to see some flamingos which was amazing. Flamingos are my favourite animal so it was a definite highlight of the zoo for me.

I went to Hard Rock Cafe for the first time, had a brilliant time and bought a drumstick. We went shopping, went to plenty of bars, ate of lots of food and went to the cinema to see Wanderlust which was very funny. I had a brilliant time and I will definitely will be back to Edinburgh again soon.

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