LFW – Days 3 and 4.

Round up of days 3 and 4 from LFW.

Paul Smith

I love the tailoring and simplicity of the outfits that are given an interesting edge with the splashes of colours and patterns used. I love the slightly androgynous look of all the outfits but at the same time still keeping their femininity.

Louise Gray

I’ve read a lot about Louise Gray, she’s very much a big name in fashion but you didn’t need me to tell you that. This collection is utterly amazing,  the colours work really well together and give a nice brightness to the usually dreary autumn/winter. Fashion at it’s most pattern filled best and I like it.


I really love this outfit, the tailoring is amazing. I wish I dressed like this all the time.

Alexander McQueen

The collection seems to be beautiful and girly with a slightly gothic edge coming from the black lace used on the dresses. There are rich colours and textures used throughout which also makes this collection a highlight of LFW.

Louise Gray images from Daily Mail
Giles image

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