Album Review: Young Guns – Bones.

Young Guns.
Live Forever.

After a very successful and critically acclaimed debut album and non-stop touring around most of the world, the High Wycombe quintet are back with brand new music for us in the form of second album ‘Bones’. Opening track ‘I Was Born, I Have Lived, I Will Surely Die’ is a beautiful opener to this album whose lyrical content is as honest and personal as ever but focuses more on the issues of life, death and love. ‘Bones’ is the highlight song on the album, it’s been released as a single and as soon as you listen to it you can tell why with it’s absolutely huge sing a long chorus, it is a song that will become an instant favourite live. This album takes the success and what made the last album brilliant and builds on that showcasing the skills and talent they have acquired over the last couple of years of constant touring. ‘Brother In Arms’ has a catchy rhythm with all the heaviness of a rock song and ‘Learn My Lesson’ really showcases Ben Joliffe’s drum skills to their full potential. Lead singer Gustav Wood’s voice has always been brilliant but on this album it sounds even better than ever before from the slow haunting vocals of ‘A Hymn For All I’ve Lost’ to the louder sounds of ‘Towers (On My Way)’. Final song ‘Broadfields’ starts off slow with just vocals building into a chorus of anthemic qualities with guitar sounds that ebb and flow and the drums taken down a lot so as to not overpower everything else. This last song really shows the extent of the progression from ‘All Our Kings Are Dead’ to ‘Bones’ and it is one that can only help the band to win even more people around to their sound.


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