Live Review: Young Guns at Corporation 2, Sheffield. 7th February 2012.

Young Guns.
Corporation 2, Sheffield.
7th February 2012, 7pm.

The Bare Bones Club Tour that Young Guns started last week sees the band going back to where they started playing small rooms. Tonight, days after the release of their second album ‘Bones’, they are in Sheffield and there is an air of excitement around Corporation as one of the best live bands in the UK are playing such an intimate show here. The High Wycombe quintet kick off with new single ‘Bones’ with its extremely catchy chorus it is the perfect start for the night creating a massive sing along. The set is a mix of new and old, songs such as ‘Crystal Clear’, ‘Elements’ and ‘D.O.A’ have become of crowd favourites after the success of their debut album ‘All Our Kings Are Dead’. When the band’s first album was released it gave way to more people finding out about them and along with touring has built up a strong following for Young Guns which makes these smaller shows all the more special as it is inevitable that they will be playing bigger venues from now on. Even though the stage is tiny, there is still plenty of movement going on with lead singer Gustav Wood in particular using every inch of the stage and this energy is replicated in the crowd’s reaction to them. Taking the pace down a bit brings us a beautiful moment where the slower sounds of ‘Stitches’ and ‘Meter and Verse’ are aired with the words being sang back just as loud. Ending on first single from their new album ‘Learn My Lesson’ and old favourite ‘Winter Kiss’ shows the best of the band from both albums and leaves the night on a high. Young Guns put on an amazing show tonight and the smaller stage did not hinder the performance at all only adding to the intimacy, energy and the connection you felt with the band. It was a really special moment to see a band of this talent and calibre play in such a small venue and it seems years of touring relentlessly have paid off completely.

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