Long time, no blog. It’s been a while since I last wrote on here mainly because nothing all that interesting has been going on and I’ve been busy with uni bits and pieces. But I’m watching Masters Snooker and I have some apple juice so I thought it was time I wrote about my week.

First of all, I had my exam last week I think it went well. I mean I wrote plenty and I got to write about my favourite band [always a bonus] so I’m just hoping I get a decent mark. I also managed to get my radio package done last week, it’s not brilliant but I guess it’s better than nothing. I started my dissertation today, I’ve only written my introduction so far and that took me an hour because I wrote it and rewrote it as I wasn’t at all happy with it. If I keep on at this rate I’ll never have it done for the April deadline. I’m planning on writing as much as possible while I’m off uni before going back and the inevitable more work been given to me.

Last Friday was my mum’s birthday, I took her for lunch which was really nice. We ate loads of food and I’m pretty sure she had a good day overall. On Thursday, me and my dad took my mum out for tea, we went to Zizzi, which was lovely. Their food is expensive in comparison with other restaurants but you do get a lot for your money which is always good. I had the vegetarian calzone which was absolutely lovely and completely huge so I definitely didn’t need any more food that night at all. It is a really nice place to go for food on a special occasion but I wouldn’t choose it as somewhere to go for lunch as it is too expensive but maybe I’m just a tight student.

Before food, we went shopping for a bit and I finally found the item I had been looking for, for absolutely ages. I found a lovely, chunky knit mustard jumper for £15 in the sale at Dorothy Perkins. I wanted quite a baggy jumper and they only had one size left and it’s like 5 sizes too big for me but totally perfect. I really do love it so much and I’m glad I was lucky enough to come across this jumper randomly in the sale as I was starting to give up hope on finding my dream jumper.

I also bought myself a lovely new notebook that will be my next diary when I fill my current one soon. Paperchase is quite expensive however there stuff is quality and amazing designs so I thought I’d treat myself to a lovely looking book for my day to day musings.

Here is a couple of outfit pictures, the first from New Year’s Eve that I have not had chance to post yet and the second one from last Thursday.

Top from H&M, Skirt from Topshop, Necklace from Drop Dead Clothing, Bangle from Primark.

Shirt – Vintage Dorothy Perkins from Gracie Airs, Shorts from Topshop, Necklace from Drop Dead Clothing.

Finally, just a quick note about Sherlock. I couldn’t not write about this, the whole series has been utterly brilliant and last night’s episode was the best piece of TV I have seen in such a long time. The acting by Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Andrew Scott, who play Sherlock, Dr Watson and Moriarty respectively, was incredible and the writing by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss to adapt the original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to a modern day interpretation for TV is outstanding. The brilliant thing for me is I genuinely do not see what is coming next whereas with other programmes such as Lost as a main example I used to be really good at guessing the storyline which ruined it for me a bit. Last night’s episode, The Reichenbach Fall, really had me experience pretty much every emotion in an hour and a half, I was laughing at the funny bits, crying at the sad bits and was shocked by the many twists and turns. It was utterly brilliant and well done to all involved they deserve so much credit for these episodes. It’s just a shame it’s more than likely going to be a long time until series 3 now.

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