in the summertime…

Again there has been a lack of blogging although I have been pretty busy over the last two weekends. The first one was spent at Leeds Festival and the second was spent in Wales for Merthyr Rocks festival in Merthyr Tydfil.

For Leeds, we got there on the Thursday and left on Monday morning, it was such an amazing weekend despite the cold, rain and mud. I’ve never been so cold in my entire life especially in August but it was all worth it in the end with the amazing bands that I got to see over the course of the 3 days. Friday was spent mainly at the main stage where I watched We Are The Ocean, Taking Back Sunday, Frank Turner, The View, Enter Shikari and Friendly Fires, some bands were better than others but my favourite band was definitely Friendly Fires who were absolutely amazing, it was the first time I had seen them and I am definitely looking forward to seeing them again in November now. I went over to the NME stage to watch Panic! At The Disco who were really really good before watching Muse’s set where they played their second album Origin of Symmetry in full before playing some of their biggest singles, it was such an amazing set and I am very glad I got to see this really special show. Saturday was spent entirely at the main stage waiting for My Chemical Romance basically who were absolutely amazing and they definitely deserved to headline the festival with the performance they put on. The Blackout, Architects and Bring Me The Horizon were my other favourites of the day and the massive sing along to ‘Pretty Fly For A White Guy’ by The Offspring was a very good moment. Sunday, I only really wanted to see The Strokes and Pulp, unfortunately I missed Pulp from being so cold that I went back to the tent instead of shivering for another hour or so. The Strokes were really good though and I’m glad I’ve finally got to see one of my favourite bands. The epic amount of cold weather over the weekend forced me to buy a very 80’s jumper dress complete with shoulder pads, it looks good though and definitely kept me a little but warmer than I was. It was a very very good weekend and a lot of fun was had, we definitely all made the best of a bad situation in terms of weather and mud. Plenty of laughs were had and we all got to see some amazing bands and sets over the weekend. I had the best time and I just hope that next time I go the lineup is equally as good but also that the weather is better.

After Leeds I spent the next 3 days in my house with a very bad cold and then I was off again but this time to Wales for a brand new festival there. We got there on the Friday after plenty of train delays, we went straight out to the opening night of the festival party where we saw Moto Cross stunts, some amazing fireworks and a DJ set. The next day, we went to my favourite city, Cardiff, me and my friend decided to go and get tattooed and 3 hours later we left the tattoo shop with brand new My Chemical Romance related tattoos. I got the lyric ‘Awake and Unafraid’ which is from the song Famous Last Words by the band which is my favourite song. We went for food at Gourmet Burger Kitchen for one of their amazing falafel burgers and I bought a skirt and top from Urban Outfitters both £10 in the sale. Sheffield definitely needs to get an Urban Outfitters shop, I preferred scouring the shop for stuff rather than their website where I managed to see more stock than I usually would browse for on the internet. We went back to Merthyr where we were saying and went to see The Inbetweeners Movie which is absolutely hilarious, definitely one of the best comedy films I have seen. On Sunday, it was the day of the festival and after an earlyish morning and a disastrous breakfast at Frankie and Benny’s it was off to the festival site which was at Cyfartha Park. It was boiling when we got there so obviously we both ended up getting sunburnt. We met The Blackout at their signing and as usual they were really lovely and talkative, then we went to watch some bands. We saw Young Guns who are one of my favourite bands at the moment and they are amazingly good live. We then watched Funeral for a Friend who were really good and totally took us back to our teenage years. Finally, we saw The Blackout who headlined the festival which was in their hometown. They were absolutely brilliant, the best that I have ever seen them play. It was the 10th time I’ve seen them play and it was that little bit more special seeing them play in their hometown. It was definitely a good festival and a good weekend despite the few mishaps that occurred along the way. It made me realize how much I love Wales again though and I definitely want to go their again soon, it really is my favourite place to go.
Here’s a few pictues from both of the weekends:

Leeds Festival Guest Band.

Me and Becky before My Chem, excuse how horrible I look.

Friendly Fires at Leeds, not a brilliant photo but my favourite band of the weekend.

Frankie and Benny’s cocktails.

Falafel burger at Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

Getting tattooed.

My new tattoo.

Festival drinks.

Moto cross stunts.

Young Guns at Merthyr Rocks.

The Blackout at Merthyr Rocks.

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