blog catch-up.

1) What i wore last Saturday. I brought out the peg legs for the first time and put them with a stripy top, a blazer and some loafers. I didn’t realise until my mum said later on that I looked like I was going for a job interview.
Peg leg trousers and Blazer from New Look, Stripy Top from H&M, Loafers from Primark.

2) My ‘traffic light’ nails. I’ve gotten a bit bored of just plain nails at the moment so I decided to go for a traffic light themed nails.

3&4) My new tattoo. It says ‘Youngblood’ and is inspired by a Kids In Glass Houses song of the same name.
Last Saturday, I spent the day in town getting photos and quotes for an article on the Lib Dem conference that was going on in Sheffield. Loads was going on and it was relatively peaceful with only one arrest all weekend. It was an good for something to write about as there hasn’t been much going on of late and trying to come up with constant story ideas is becoming a bigger and bigger struggle for me.

Top 5 songs of the week:
1) Friendly Fires – Kiss Of Life.
2) Cage The Elephant – Shake Me Down.
3) Pulp – Common People.
4) Young Guns – Stitches.
5) The Clash – Rock The Casbah.

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