books, books, books.

Today is World Book Day and it’s the perfect day for me to talk about my love of books. I have been an avid book reader since I was very young and I have always preferred reading a book to playing on Xbox or whatever. At school I took English Literature and after a few years of not reading as much as I would like I refound my love of literature.

I’d say that one of my favourite books is To Kill A Mockingbird, such a classic but it is still as relevant today as when it was published back in 1960. It was written by Harper Lee and it looks at the divisions in society between races and it looks at the destruction of innocence in the children characters. The main character Atticus Finch is widely regarded as a moral hero for many readers and a model of integrity for lawyers.

Books such as The Great Gatsby and Nineteen Eighty-Four are some of the best books I have read and enjoyed. However, I’m still a fan of the modern books around and being published today. I, as many others, would say that Harry Potter is one of the best book series to be published in recent years and it has got more children back into reading again. Even the recent popularity in Twilight has got more people reading whether you are a fan or not it has still done something good for literature.

I still have many books to read and I want read all of the classics at some point in my life. I love reading and it has genuinely taught me so much. I think it is one of the past times that you can participate in and I urge you all to pick up a book and give it a read especially if you don’t usually read. The invention of electronic book devices I guess is a good thing but at the end of the day you can’t beat holding and reading an actual book.

To Kill A Mockingbird picture from here.

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