My 2010.

2010 has been one of those years where it’s not been outstandingly the best year of my life but it’s not been the worst either, there have been up’s and down’s but all in all it’s been pretty ok. So, here’s my round up of my year, mainly the good bits I’d prefer to put the bad things behind me and start this new year afresh.

I would say the most amazing part of 2010 for me personally has been losing a hell of a lot of weight. In the summer of 2009, I started a diet that for the first time in my life I planned to stick to for good, since then I have lost well over 3 stone and I can honestly say I have never felt better. The first few weeks of the diet were so hard, I used to eat pretty healthily anyway but I incorporated more healthy food into my diet as well as not eating after 7pm. In May last year, I joined the gym and I have built up my fitness a lot since then, I’m still not the fittest person but I’m getting there and I only intend to carry on with what I have started over this next year.

The weight loss has also given me a hell of a lot more confidence not only in myself but in the clothes that I wear. Skirts, dresses and shorts do not put the fear of God into me anymore and a lot of my amazing old clothes fit perfectly now. Plus, there is nothing better than going into a shop and not having to worry whether something is going to fit or not, as well as that satisfaction you get when a dress that never zipped up before zips up extremely easily now, there isn’t a much better feeling of achievement than that in my book.

In terms of my journalism and university 2010 has been good and a first stepping stone onto what I want to do with my life. I passed my first year of university and my second year so far has been pretty good. My work placement with Exposed magazine went really well and it gave me more of an idea of what it is like to work at a magazine. I learnt plenty of stuff while I was there and it confirmed my career decision that this is what I want to do when I leave university.

A highlight of my year was when I went to Cardiff on holiday. I’ve been there loads of times and I genuinely love the city so much. I also got to visit Barry Island as well. This year, I’m not off to Cardiff or Wales at all which is sad but I have been there lots over the past couple of years. I’m spending a week in Bournemouth this year which should be good and I am looking forward to it.

Last year it has been hard to keep in contact with some of my friends as some of my friends that were in Sheffield last year have moved on to start university. Even the friends that have stayed in Sheffield it is still difficult to meet up and see them as we all have different timetables and jobs and stuff. With all that said we do still make an effort and I have had some of the best days and nights of my life this past year with my friends from nights out to gigs to day trips and just generally hanging out. I realised that I have some of the best friends ever and that means the world to me. So this year I am only going to make as much time as possible to see my friends and spend time with them.

Like last year music and gigs have been an essential part of my year, I didn’t go to any festivals but I am planning on going to a couple this year. I have been to plenty of gigs and I have seen loads of different bands like The Blackout, Kids In Glass Houses, Kings of Leon, KISS, Young Guns, Paramore and many many more. I have met some amazing bands but the thing I will always remember was getting taken backstage to meet Kids In Glass Houses in May, they are an amazing band and they are such lovely and amazing people and even though they had just come offstage they were really nice to us, it’s bands like them that restore my faith in this music industry. There have been plenty of amazing albums that have come out in 2010 and with even more amazing albums planned for 2011 from some of my favourite bands it seems like this year it going to be a good one for music.

There we go my year in a short little blog round up, there are probably things that I have missed out but I know that 2010 has produced plenty of amazing memories.

For 2011, I am not planning on making any resolutions because I never stick to them but instead I have set myself some targets which I think are pretty manageable, these are:
– keep up with the weight loss/gym
– pass my second year of university
– have as much fun as possible

I hope you all had an amazing New Year’s Eve and I hope that you 2011 is amazing and a stand out year for all the right reasons.

All pictures by Charlotte Randall. ©

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