Kings of Leon at Sheffield Arena, 14/12/10.

Kings of Leon released their fifth studio album ‘Come Around Sundown’ only a couple of months ago and have since been on tour promoting the record, tonight they come to Sheffield. The band kick off with first single from their new album ‘Radioactive’ which set the crowd up perfectly for what was to come. The Followill clan played a total of 21 songs over the course of the near 2 hours that they were on stage. Tracks from ‘Come Around Sundown’ were the main feature of the set with songs such as ‘Mi Amigo’, ‘The End’ and ‘Back Down South’ all being played. With five albums worth of songs at their disposal there had plenty of material to choose from, ‘Molly’s Chambers’, ‘Four Kicks’ and ‘Fans’ were a treat for any long time fans of Kings of Leon in the audience. The band didn’t speak much to the crowd throughout their set but when they did they spoke of nothing but gratitude and thanks for coming out to the show. As their last album ‘Only By The Night’ propelled them into the mainstream when the set ended on ‘Use Somebody’ everybody in the audience sang along at the tops of their voices. The Kings returned for an encore of three songs, opening track from their fourth album ‘Closer’ which was followed by the band’s biggest hit to date ‘Sex On Fire’ which received an amazing reception especially from members of the crowd that only knew the newer stuff from the band. Finishing up on ‘Black Thumbnail’ from third album ‘Because of the Times’ really ended the night on a high and their good mix of old classics and newer songs paid off as the set went down well with the crowd.

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