Clothes Show Live continued…

As promised here is my round up of the clothes I bought at the Clothes Show at the weekend. It’s a good mix of new and vintage and I know that everything I bought are things I will wear again and again.

First up is this amazing Drop Dead vest, I went to their stall as soon as I got there as I planned on making at least one purchase there. They have just released their Winter 2010 range, this vest being part of the range, I saw the vest on the website last week and it was one of the pieces that I planned on buying anyway. Also, everything else they had on sale was part of the new range and I very nearly bought a jacket from there as well but I think I might buy that with my Christmas money. The stall looked absolutely amazing and did stand out against the majority of other stalls there.

Next is this amazing vintage blouse, it was only £10 which is an absolute bargain for such an lovely piece. The bow on the collar is detachable so you can wear the blouse with or without it as well.

Next, a black dress with white butterfly pattern on it, it’s really lovely and fits perfectly. I can’t actually remember the name of most of the stalls that I bought my purchases from and this dress is no exception but it is amazing all the same.

Another dress but this time with a cute pattern of cats as soon as I saw it I loved the pattern of it. Also, it’s a nice shape although it is slightly shorter than I would have liked but still nice for a night out or a meal.

I bought this necklace from a stall that I was just walking past when my mum mentioned the nice necklaces they had. This one I loved straight away as it kinda sums me up with my glasses, perfect for adding the finishing touches to any outfit.

Lastly, is a make-set from Barry M. £10 for a load of make-up worth a lot more than that. It was well worth the money for what you get in the bag. You get: 3 nail paints, 1 body glitter, 3 dazzle dusts, 3 liquid eyeliners, 1 lipgloss, 1 double ended eyeliner pencil and 1 glitter eye crayon.

I bought a hell of a lot but it was definately worth it for the amazing stuff that I did get. The purchases are definately things that I will wear so no wasting of money at all.

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