Kids In Glass Houses.

So, last week I went to see Kids In Glass Houses for the 8th time, they were as amazing as usual – I genuinely think that they get better every time I see them!

This tour was the last tour for their current album ‘Dirt’ which was released earlier this year. The stage set up was amazing with flamingos, manequins and all completed with the red velvet curtain to open and close the show with style. The band themselves are a fashionable lot as well dressed in skinny jeans, shirts and blazers with flowers on the shoulders in the case of lead singer Aled Phillips. They played every song on the album from upbeat dancey tunes like ‘For Better and Hearse’ and ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ complimented perfectly with slower songs such as ‘Giving Up’ and ‘The Morning Afterlife’. All the singles from this album and previous album ‘Smart Casual’ were played as well resulting in mass sing alongs especially when tracks like ‘Give Me What I Want’, ‘Saturday’ and closer ‘Matters At All’ were aired. The band possess an amazing energy on stage which really filters through into the crowd who were jumping and dancing along with every single song.

After the show we went up to the after party where we met Phil and Aled from the band who as usual were very lovely. It was such an amazing night and I can’t wait to see the band again even though I might be waiting a while for a new tour this time as the band are set to write and record a new album next year.

Unfortunately my pictures of the band from this show were not the best ones I have ever taken so I’m not going to post any up on here. If you want to know more about the band, visit their MySpace or their website.

Image from the BBC website.

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