Album Review: Kings of Leon – Come Around Sundown.

Kings of Leon
Come Around Sundown
RCA Records

The hotly anticipated fifth album to come from Kings of Leon has been given plenty of mixed reviews from some magazines saying it is the worst album they have done, to some proclaiming it’s better and less commercialised than previous album, ‘Only By The Night’. Opening up with ‘The End’ a slow ballad easing you into next track and first single ‘Radioactive’ a song with an unbelievably catchy chorus as well as extra vocals from a choir. The songs do sound very reminiscent of the first two albums with a more country and southern feel to them. Songs such as ‘The Face’ and ‘The Immortals’ are quite slow and have a more chilled out vibe where you feel as if you can just get lost within the music. There are more fast paced songs as well to compliment the leisurely pace of the album, like ‘No Money’ who’s guitar riff sets the tempo of the song much higher than that of previous. Finishing up the album with ‘Pickup Truck’ starting off slowly with just bass line running through the back of the verses to leave lead singer Caleb’s vocals to stand on their own before the drums and guitar come in at the chorus before cutting out for the bass to play us out until the end. This album is perfect to sit back and block out the world to and the influences of older albums can definitely be heard throughout making it an enjoyable album to listen to.


Album Cover

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