Classic Albums – Metallica.

metallica black album

So, this Saturday while everyone else was watching that X Factor programme that seems to go on for years and that everyone I follow on Twitter seems to tweet about non-stop, I was watching a documentary about the making of Metallica’s Black Album. Sky One have had a long running series on recently showcasing the making of some of the best and most iconic albums from classic bands. Bands and artists featured so far include Sex Pistols ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ album, Elton John’s ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ album and many more.

Metallica’s Black Album was released in 1991 and is one of the most iconic albums in metal music’s history. The influence that not only the band itself but that particular album has had on the shape of rock and metal music is clear and quite amazing. They have influenced plenty of bands over the course of their nearly 30 year long career.

The Black Album features classic Metallica songs such as ‘Enter Sandman’, ‘Nothing Else Matters’ and ‘The Unforgiven’. These were all songs that were featured and talked about during the programme, it was interesting to see how the recording process of the album had been and how they came from just having the riff to ’Enter Sandman’ to the full song that it is today.

One of my personal favourite songs from this album and from Metallica’s back catalogue is ‘Nothing Else Matters’ and it was interesting to hear from the band how it had been recorded as at the time it was something complete different for Metallica to do. Metallica seems to conjure up images of a heavy metal band with pounding drum beats and crazy guitar riffs but ‘Nothing Else Matters’ shows a different side to them and that they can do softer songs as well.

An album that definitely deserves it’s place in the classic albums series.

As I said before every week a different album and artist is featured, if you want to check out the series it’s on Sky One on Saturday nights usually around 10pm or 11pm.

I’ve been a fan of Metallica for quite a few years now, my dad was the one that got me into them as he is a massive fan of the band himself. I saw Metallica live a couple of years ago and it was amazing, such a good live band. They played such a long set full of all the songs you expect to hear at a Metallica gig and they played in the round which I think made the experience better as you where actually near to the band even though you were in a big arena.

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