Vintage Fair Round-Up.

Firstly, sorry for not writing this blog earlier I’ve got the flu at the moment so my brain has not been in a working mood. But here goes anyway, if this makes no sense at all then I’m blaming the fact that I’m ill.

The fair opened at 12pm so we got there just before, as soon as we were let in we rummaged through the rails and rails of vintage clothing from a range of different stores and boutiques. The first thing that I bought from the fair was this playing card necklace which I think was from Flock Boutique. As soon as I saw this necklace I instantly loved it, it’s quite quirky and also a bit different, it was only £7 which I don’t think is too much to pay for a necklace really.

Then, I bought this amazing dress from a different stall [I don’t actually remember the name of the stall though]. I really love the pattern of the dress and also the buttons make the dress look even better. The dress was £12 which is really cheap compared to how much a dress like this would cost on the high street.

A month or so ago I saw an old polaroid camera in a shop in Sheffield for £25 and really wanted to buy it but at the time had no money. So when I was at the fair and found a similarly old polaroid but for only £8 I knew that I had to have it. I’m so happy with this purchase as I’ve been after an old polaroid for ages.

My last purchase of the day was a lovely handmade skirt from Alice Takes A Trip. Alice Takes A Trip makes skirts and t-shirts that are quite vintage looking, sold in Freshmans in Sheffield and I’m pretty sure they have their own shop in Forum in Sheffield as well. I really like their stuff but had yet to buy anything for lack of money mainly but when I saw this skirt [which I really loved] for £15 I had to buy it. It is also the perfect length as well, it’s not too short but also not too long which is what I was after.

As usual the vintage fair was amazing, full of people and plenty of vintage clothing. I was really pleased with my purchases and now I can’t wait until the next fair. Also, we had cupcakes to round off our shopping trip, I had a caramel cupcake, it was delicious.

For more information about:
– Alice Takes A Trip visit their online store or their myspace.
– Freshmans visit their website.

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