Sheffield’s Vintage Fair.

This Saturday, 25th September, sees The Vintage Fair returning to The Circle on Division Street in Sheffield. The fair will bring you the best in vintage fashion from Sheffield and further a field. Starting at 12pm and carrying on until 5pm and even better it will only cost you £1 to get in. Not only do you get to browse and shop round the hoards of clothes and accessories on offer but there will as usual also be cupcakes and tea. Whether you are on the lookout for a new vintage outfit, some vintage accessories for your home or just a good time then this is the place for you.

I’ve been to a few of these fairs before and they are genuinely amazing, I’m quite glad that my student loan went into my account the other day as I know I will need money for this. I’ve always left the fair with plenty of vintage finds from dresses to bags and jewellery. As I’ve said I always buy a lot and for the amount I buy I always expect that I’ve spent more money than I actually have. Plus there is nothing better than a cup of tea and a cupcake while resting your feet after spending time rummaging for an amazing vintage treasure. So, come Saturday you will see me there with money in my purse ready to purchase some new clothes for Autumn/Winter.

For those people who don’t leave in or near Sheffield or can not get to Sheffield, The Vintage Fair also holds events in Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham and many more places across the country. To find out more information about the fairs or to find a fair near you visit their website or visit Facebook and search for ‘The Vintage Fair’.


Picture from here

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