Tramlines Festival 2010.

Rolo Tomassi and Gallows at Tramlines Festival 2010.
The New Music Stage.

Rolo Tomassi are a band that hail from Sheffield and were asked by the organisers of Tramlines Festival to put together the bill for the New Music Stage. They have recently released their second album, Cosmology and the band have been welcomed back to their hometown with a massive crowd of fans waiting for their performance tonight. Bounding onto the stage with bundles of energy they’re straight into their set. Lead singer Eva Spence barely stands still through the entire set and commands the crowd’s control as she switches her vocals from singing to screaming. Ending the set on ‘Kasia’ and ‘Sakia’, songs from their brand new album and the crowd go wild. An amazing end to their festival set in front of hundreds of people for a band who, as synth player James Spence earlier said, 5 years ago played in a tiny bar to about 30 people.

At about 8:15pm, headline act for this stage Gallows take to the stage and waste no time in getting the crowd moving as they kick off their set with ‘London Is The Reason’ which is changed for one night only to ‘Sheffield Is The Reason‘. At this moment, the band have full control of the crowd and then ask them to make a massive circle pit around the war memorial near the stage. The quintet carry on their set with an old favourite ‘In The Belly Of A Shark’ and a cover of The Clash’s ‘I Fought The Law’ with extra vocals for that track coming from lead singer of the band, Sharks. Finishing up their set and closing the stage tonight and for the weekend with ‘Orchestra Of Wolves’ and a stage invasion from previous band Rolo Tomassi. An amazing way to end an awesome free night and weekend of music in the Steel City.

Also, the stage that both these bands played on was sponsered by Exposed magazine which is the magazine that i will be working for on a two week placement next month. I’m really looking forward to this placement, it should be good and will give me some experience at magazine work. I’ll more than likely blog about my work experience while I am there as well.

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